Voice over WiFi and its big impact on mobile phone usage

Owing to the increasing demands of the average smartphone user, Voice over WiFi has become an voice over wifi
increasingly vital part of a strong mobile network. As an affordable option for mobile network suppliers that wish to expand network capability, VoWiFi or WiFi calling represents a highly impactful part of modern telecommunications.

Recent reports have pegged the growth of mobile traffic on fixed networks and Wi-Fi (or femtocell) at more than 45%. It is expected that the number will grow to more than half by the close of 2016. This represents an extraordinary amount of data, and the existence of Wi-Fi is having an incredible impact on how people communicate.

Here are some reasons Wi-Fi is having such a strong impact on modern mobile phone usage and device connectivity.

  1. The number of devices using the network is growing at a fantastic rate. More people than ever are choosing to communicate via mobile devices.
  2. The amount of data passing through these devices is growing because of the increased emphasis on media and streaming.
  3. Service providers are making it easier to accommodate great levels of data by expanding their IP infrastructure, so everyone isn’t on the packed cellular network.

The Future of Voice over WiFi

There is the expectation that Voice over WiFi usage will overtake VoLTE network usage by 2018 when approximately 53% of minutes will occur on VoWiFi, and 41% will occur on VoLTE. In addition to the adoption of VoWiFi capability by major companies, the technology is also increasing in popularity for several reasons that include:

  • Wi-Fi is already under widespread use and consumers have become increasingly tied to using data on their Wi-Fi networks. The adoption of Voice over WiFi for calling has been a natural extension of an already popular service.
  • Businesses have continued expanding their Wi-Fi capabilities at the same time as consumers have adopted the technology in great numbers, which has led to improved access to a variety of buildings, businesses, and public spaces.
  • Network access is improved when a caller can use Voice over WiFi in addition to VoLTE networks. The availability of VoWiFi has meant fewer dropped calls for users and an increased user satisfaction level for mobile carriers.
  • Wi-Fi calling has allowed users to enjoy calling on other devices than just smartphones. Any device capable of using Wi-Fi has become a potential communications device, which has led to a swifter increase in the number of users.
  • Widespread availability of Wi-Fi virtually everywhere has made the adoption of Voice over WiFi fast and easy for service providers, as well as for users who haven’t had to modify their usage habits to accommodate Wi-Fi usage.

Improve Coverage for Mobile Devices with Voice over WiFi

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