This website and information are presented by Taqua. We’re a behind-the-scenes technology wi-fi callinginnovation company that helps mobile operators use broadband, IP and Wi-Fi to improve cellular coverage and user experience. We’ve been an integral part of developing the technology and standards behind UMA and Wi-Fi calling.

With Wi-Fi calling, mobile subscribers can receive a seamless voice and messaging experience as they move between the cellular network and existing Wi-Fi networks. In effect, Wi-Fi calling extends the boundaries of the cellular network.

Subscribers can experience high performance mobile services in locations with typically poor or non-existent cellular coverage, which also happens to be the places subscribers generally spend most of their time, i.e. home, office, coffee shop, etc. By simply connecting the phone to a Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi calling is automatically activated on all Wi-Fi calling enabled phones. All incoming and outgoing calls will be seamlessly handled over the Wi-Fi network as opposed to the cellular network.

Why You Need Wi-Fi Calling

If you have little to no indoor cellular coverage, Wi-Fi Calling uses the Wi-Fi already in your home or office to get you five bars of coverage. Faster access to the mobile internet. With Wi-Fi, you get unfettered high-speed access to the mobile data services you want the most.  Better battery performance. Some over the top (OTT) Wi-Fi calling applications can drain your smartphone battery, but with Taqua’s Wi-Fi calling solution your smartphone battery life won’t decrease due to Wi-Fi calling activity. Wi-Fi calling also acts as a low/no cost international roaming solution. Subscribers can make and receive mobile calls as if they were on their home network when connected to any Wi-Fi network around the world.

What is Wi-Fi Calling?

Wi-Fi calling uses a local Wi-Fi network to connect your calls better in a poor or non existent cell phone coverage area.

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