Use Wi-Fi calling to save money on international travel

International travel is expensive, especially considering the cost to simply reach your destination can be upwards of $1,000. There are many factors that contribute to the expense of traveling overseas, and thanks to Wi-Fi calling your international calling plan doesn’t have to be one of them. Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon all offer Wi-Fi calling as … Continued

What is the difference between VoLTE and VoWiFi?

The difference between VoLTE and VoWiFi (Voice over WiFi) could fill an entire novel, but it’s helpful to understand the basic differences between these two types of mobile phone technologies. Today’s mobile carriers are currently updating or researching advancements in call technology in order to give customers the best calling experience possible. VoWiFi has emerged as … Continued

Voice over WiFi and its big impact on mobile phone usage

Owing to the increasing demands of the average smartphone user, Voice over WiFi has become an increasingly vital part of a strong mobile network. As an affordable option for mobile network suppliers that wish to expand network capability, VoWiFi or WiFi calling represents a highly impactful part of modern telecommunications. Recent reports have pegged the … Continued

Top 10 Questions About VoWiFi

What is VoWiFi? Why should I deploy it? Which Wi-Fi networks matter? What is the expected voice quality; do I need QoS? Why should I bother, isn’t voice a dead service? Do I lose control of my subscribers when they’re on Wi-Fi? Can calls handover from Wi-Fi to cellular? Can I meet all my regulatory … Continued

What you need to know about WiFi calling

WiFi calling isn’t a new technology, and a variety of applications have provided WiFi calling capability for the past several years. Programs like Skype have offered WiFi calling to computer users over their phone lines, as well as to mobile users on WiFi networks. The drawback thus far regarding WiFi calling has been the loss … Continued